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  The Melton Art Reference Library is a center for art research located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is a comprehensive resource library, offering information on national & international artists, especially artists that are less well-known to the general public.

Our resources are limited by artists who are known only locally, or regionally & those whose output was so small as to be known by only a few.

The library has biographies & reproduction files on thousands of artists, as well as auction catalogues, sales results and artist directories.

We have general info on schools, genres, groups & museums, and we recently published the Directory of Oklahoma Artists.

To learn more about our mission and historical information about the library, click here.
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  Melton Art Reference Library

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Do you have a question or information about art internships in Oklahoma City? Or are you researching an Oklahoma or lesser known national artist and need more information? Would you like information about our publications listed below?


  Icon’s With Love
NTU Art Association of Oklahoma
Artspace at Untitled
Leslie Powell Foundation and Gallery
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

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